As a member you are a contributor to making the world a place where STEM creates, solves and engineers our future.


By joining our program for teachers you can become a STEM certified teacher and provide ‘More STEM’ to school aged kids using our fundraising tools.


Gain access to

  • Educator resources, S.T.E.M tools for your classroom plus enjoy special discounts on workshops for yourself and students.
  • Store purchases with valuable savings on other STEM courses and materials
  • Rewards and prizes for yourself and your classroom
  • Free promotion of your platforms / channels related to education and STEM (see below to ‘Add Info to My Teacher Page’)


The Teacher Membership Program is open to all licensed K – 12 teachers actively employed in a public school of the United States and it’s US Territories.

Your membership supports the integration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education by teaching STEM in the classroom (virtual or on-site), after school programs and in camps – making it a normal part of our daily lives. You will play a crucial role in helping our diverse community of underprivileged children in the public schools gain access to tools that will allow them to be a part of the wheels changing the world  — on the leading edge of science and technology for generations to come. Help enrich their lives and open doors to possibilities previously beyond their reach.

Whether sharing an enriching educational experience with your students, entertaining them with sponsored field trips or STEM camps, membership is the best way to enjoy the benefits and receive exclusive resources, discounts on training, conferences & publications, and join thousands of dedicated teachers like yourself as we explore ‘everything STEM”.

Our primary categories of membership are:

  • Active educators, such as classroom teachers, professors, parents or counselors
  • Retired educators at least 45 years of age or eligible for a pension for a public education position. (Active members also may join as “Pre-Retired” members)
  • Sponsors supporters of our cause who would like to sponsor a teacher or counselor STEM certification